ElasticMapping: an imagined software for GPS-data editing

This small website is dedicated to Esther Polak's idea of develloping an editing software for GPS data. All kinds of small and big ideas on the subject and experiments, she will publish here.



August 29 presentation of ElasticMapping concept at ISEA

18-26 August
Residence at SkulpturePark Berlin
I will do a series of small experiments on existing software and my own Milkmachine software to refine my ideas on ElasticMapping

August 3 deadline
Locative Cinema Commision




  GeoTales animation
  GeoTales BLOG
  ISEA paper abstract
  ISEA paper full version (pdf)
  NomadicMILK robot drawing
  Locative Cinema Concept (pdf)
  Locative Cinema Technical outline (pdf)